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Autopano Giga x64  v.3.0.4

Autopano Giga x64 is an application that will help you easily create profesionnal-quality panoramas.

Autopano Pro x64  v.3.0.3

Welcome to the world of Autopano Pro x64, a world where photography assumes its rightful place, where more time is spent in the field than sitting in front of a computer screen.


Duplicati x64  v.1.3.4

Duplicati x64 is a free backup client that securely stores encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers.

GTK+ for Windows x64  v.2.22.1

GTK+ x64 is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces.

Embird x64 2012 Build  v.8

Basic Embird x64 program resizes, splits, edits, displays, prints and converts embroidery designs.

Mandelbulber x64 1.12.1 Beta  v.1.0

Mandelbulber x64 is an easy to use, handy but experimental application designed to help you render 3D Mandelbrot x64 fractals called Mandelbulb and some other kind of 3D fractals like Mandelbox, Bulbbox, Juliabulb, Menger Sponge.

VisualMILL 2012  v.7.0.084

FreeMill x64 is a fully functional 3D Milling package built on MecSoft Corporation's world renowned VisualMill CAM package.

7z SFX Builder x64  v.2.0

7z SFX Builder x64 was developed as a small, easy-to-use and accessible piece of software that was designed to help you create 7z SFX configuration files easily.

RasterStitch x64

RasterStitch x64 is a utility for putting together multiple raster images (stitching). Use this program to create a panorama of several photographs or scan and join fragments of a paper document, which dimensions exceed the scanner workspace.

Apex Create Watermark on Picture  v.

Create watermark on picture software provides option to modify position of stamp such as top, bottom, left, right. You have set stamp position in diagonally on page. By using program, digital photos can be effectively protected from unauthorized use.

Personal Backup x64  v.

Personal Backup x64 is a program for saving personal data to any destination folder.

FileBot x64  v.3.4

FileBot x64 is the ultimate tool for renaming your tv shows and anime, downloading subtitles from various sources or just simple file verification.

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